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Fossil evidence indicates that Lemurs first appeared about 50 million years ago                  


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First discovered in 1917, it's only been recorded a handful of times since.The 33 known living species of lemur—from the Latin word for spirits of the dead—haunt only one place: the island of Bohol from the folks tale.

The remarkable array of lemur species further reveals the evolutionary Lemur that is Tarsier. Lemurs, together with lorises,
galagos (“bushbabies”), and tarsiers, form the prosimian suborder—a branch of primates distinct from monkeys, apes, and humans (although the tarsier’s exact position within the primate tree remains unclear).
One was given to Prince Charles during his visit here in the Philippines
Tarsier is a tiny, monogamous primate that only comes out after dark, the eyes glow.
Liz and a Tarsier
Ancient Origins Unknown
Erich von Daniken's " Chariots of the Gods" Tarsier the missing links
Tarsier, The Littlest Alien.

WATCH. Tarsier: The Littlest Alien. "This program has already been telecast this
month at National Geographic Channel .Small stature and large, compelling eyes; a head that can swivel 180 degrees so far around that it's looking backwards; prominent ears which can turn individually towards a sound; hands and fingers reminiscent of our own. It is as if there is an alien species in the forests of the night. Meet the tarsier
The Allien
UFOs Alien visited Bohol Island, Philippines Islands
May 09,1958 (Bluebook)
11:05 a.m. Witness: Philippine Airlines pilot. One object with a shiny, metallic surface was falling and spinning for 1.5 minutes.
Cyclops  Skulls

Ancient skulls bearing a single eyeball socket found in limestone caves have baffled tribal folk in the hinterlands of Bohol, Bukidnon and Agusan, reports said.

The existence of the skulls, which resemble those of the cyclops, a race of giants in Greek mythology with a single eye in the middle of the forehead, has triggered speculations that one-eyed ancient settlers once roamed the country's southern islands.
The strange skulls were reportedly found in limestone caves in the hinterlands of Bohol, at Mt. Palaupau in Sumilao, Bukidnon, and in some parts of Agusan.

Reports about the strange skulls had prompted archeologists of the National Museum to launch an excavation in Bohol and they, indeed, found one such skull.
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